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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Mar 3, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[00:07] Chapter 1: Can law enforcement seize someone’s Bitcoin? 

[06:00] Chapter 2: Exploring de-banking and Canada’s legal system.

[12:00] Chapter 3: Bitcoin self-custody and the last mile problem.

[21:03] Chapter 4: Can companies ever really say they practice zero censorship?

[28:00] Chapter 5: What is an AGPL license? Discussing usage rights for networks.

[32:30] Chapter 6: Do today’s speakers feel bullish about people running their own hardware, beyond a Bitcoin node?

[38:00] Chapter 7: What would be needed to dethrone a major social network player?

[46:46] Chapter 8: What’s happening in Russian from a Bitcoin standpoint?

[57:30] Chapter 9: Closing remarks on self-custody and Bitcoin.