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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Oct 5, 2021

As the Bitcoin ecosystem grows, Bitcoin conferences continue to be a great way for Bitcoiners to meet like-minded people, network with professionals in the industry, learn more about Bitcoin, and just celebrate the monetary revolution underway. Two conferences are coming up in El Salvador, LABitConf and Adopting Bitcoin, with both of them offering great opportunities to get involved in the Bitcoin community in El Salvador. Rodolfo Andragnes (@rodolfobits) of LABitConf and Chris Hunter (@btcny) of Adopting Bitcoin recently joined CK (@ck_snarks) in a Twitter Spaces hosted by Bitcoin Magazine to discuss what each of their conferences has to offer.  


LaBitConf is the longest-running Bitcoin conference in the world and will be hosted in San Salvador from November 15th to November 20th. They have nearly an entire week of events and activities planned, including 2 hackathon days, an industry-focused day, and 2 live conference days.


Adopting Bitcoin will be happening in San Salvador during the same week, with its two main conference days happening prior to LABitConf’s on the 16th and 17th. This conference is a lightning network summit focused on the development of the lightning network and the adoption of the lightning network in El Salvador and worldwide. They will be offering two different conference tracks, depending on whether you want to focus on development or adoption. 


Enjoy this preview of the two conferences and definitely attend if you have the opportunity to do so!


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