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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Feb 1, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[00:20] Chapter 1: Bitcoin 2022! Where to get tickets, how to get a discount and more.

[01:38] Chapter 2: A high-level overview of super cycles and why they’re acting different this time. Where are we in the cycle?

[04:38] Chapter 3: The different ways to look at what a bear vs bull market is for Bitcoin.

[10:05] Chapter 4: Explaining the theory of lengthening cycles with Bitcoin and where we’re currently at. 

[14:05] Chapter 5: Dylan LeClair joins the call! Why he’s happy with what he’s seeing in the market and how the market is changing. 

[22:55] Chapter 6: What does a super cycle means and what causes these four year cycles? Are we seeing the first signs of deviation from what’s expected?

[29:50] Chapter 7: Interesting dynamics happening with the US dollar index and Bitcoin. 

[35:27] Chapter 8: Bitcoin is the solution, yet is seen as an asset-risk. Why? And, are we close to a bottom?

[42:04] Chapter 9: Examining supply health by short-term holders and the one year HODL wave.

[47:29] Chapter 10: Exploring different pieces of advice for new investors. The debate between selling and HODLing. 

[1:01:00] Chapter 11: Closing remarks. Comparisons to 2021, how Bitcoin has created growth in bear market conditions and how the fundamentals of Bitcoin remains stronger than ever.