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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Mar 23, 2022

[00:07] Chapter 1: What to expect at Bitcoin 2022!

[02:45] Chapter 2: Introducing Tomer’s article and the concept of brand equity.

[04:40] Chapter 3: How Coca-Cola became the king of brands.

[07:40] Chapter 4: Is the US dollar currently the most powerful brand?

[12:00] Chapter 5: How software overtook products.

[18:00] Chapter 6: Could the US dollar be overtaken in brand equity by Bitcoin?

[22:40] Chapter 7: Summarizing the conversation so far.

[24:00] Chapter 8: The strengths of the Bitcoin brand.

[29:30] Chapter 9: The visual representation of Bitcoin and where it came from.

[36:46] Chapter 10: How do we, as individuals, measure brand value?

[43:50] Chapter 11: The actual value of a product vs the brand equity. 

[52:00] Chapter 12: How do consumers decide which products they trust?

[58:10] Chapter 13: The money is the bomb. Trust, fiat, and Bitcoin.

[1:11:15] Chapter 14: How Bitcoin creates peace. 

[1:17:45] Chapter 15: Using Bitcoin to push the world toward localization. 

[1:27:00] Chapter 16: Closing remarks. Diving deeper than the “brand.”

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