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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Nov 19, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Spaces Live, hosts Christian Keroles (@ck_snarks) and P (@phjlljp) are joined by Alex Gladstein (@gladstein) and Matt Odell (@odell) to discuss Alex's recent article for Bitcoin Magazine, "The End of Super Imperialism", where Alex provides a fantastic rundown of how the U.S. dollar became the global standard, and how the U.S. essentially "rug pulled" the entire world by abandoning the dollar's convertibility to gold.

0:00 More exciting information on the upcoming Bitcoin 2022 Conference!

1:29 The basis for Alex Gladstein's work and a look at the book, Super Imperialism.

7:49 Parallels between the current landscape and the early part of the 20th century.

16:59 Looking back at the US policy around gold since the Bretton Woods system.

26:50 The legacy of colonialism and slavery; situating resources and stores of value through history.

30:44 Comparing Bitcoin adoption in the west versus countries like India.

33:37 The looming financial danger and the possible action that will be taken by governments.

36:24 High adoption rates outside the US and some of the reasons for this.

40:22 Some of the supposed vulnerabilities of Bitcoin at present.

43:39 How Bitcoin might be able to help Afghan citizens in their current predicament.

49:36 Further thoughts on Executive Order 6102.

50:41 The role of Bitcoin aiding the revolution in Cuba!

53:04 Bitcoin and inflation; thoughts for managing the dynamic in Nigeria.

1:00:46 Exciting news about the work that Alex is currently working on.

1:03:23 Comparisons between Bitcoin adoption in the US and Europe.

1:07:39 Final words from Alex about continued learning and further resources.

Read Alex's article here:


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