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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Feb 9, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[00:07] Chapter 1: Introducing today’s topic. What will it take to reach Hyperbitcoinization and how will having an energy money standard affect humanity?

[06:00] Chapter 2: Civilization is purely a function of harnessing energy.

[09:00] Chapter 3: Bitcoin is fire. Diving into Bitcoin information theory and how it’s transforming humanity.

[16:50] Chapter 4: Technology drives evolution. 

[20:38] Chapter 5: Bitcoin and teleportation. 

[24:45] Chapter 6: The duality of fire and how Bitcoin compares. Was fire really our last big leap as a species?

[30:25] Chapter 7: What is energy, anyway?

[34:56] Chapter 8: How does all of this tie into the Kardashev scale? And, what’s missing from current theories?

[45:25] Chapter 9: Potential scenarios that could end the human race and how we could avoid them.

[50:27] Chapter 10: What are the next immediate steps needed for Hyperbitcoinization?

[56:50] Chapter 11: What do we need to better harness and use energy?

[1:01:05] Chapter 12: Introducing the Nakamoto scale. Why Svetski believes this proposed scale is more based in reality.

[1:12:25] Chapter 13: The importance of having a money standard that is clear, innovative, and unchangeable.

[1:23:45] Chapter 14: Finishing off Svetski’s article. How Bitcoin breaks all the cycles and why a future on a Bitcoin standard would look nothing like the past.