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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Sep 8, 2021

For this episode we have the pleasure of bringing you the second ever Lightning Power Hour. Talking about recent developments on the Lightning Network, we are joined by a myriad of guests in a roundtable discussion, who drop in and out of the conversation to add their expertise and insights about the Lightning Network. Casual yet electric, this engaging chat rattles through fascinating topics that demand a closer look. Put the coffee on: this one is long. But we promise it’s worth every minute as we weave through an array of varying perspectives and contrasting approaches, covering the four main ways to change the shape of lightning. We are joined by Jestopher, Founder of Amboss; JC Crown, Chief Evangelist at ZEBEDEE; Alex Bosworth, the Lightning Infrastructure Lead at Lightning Labs; Vivek Kasarabada, Business Development Lead at Blockstream; Michael Tidwell, Head of System Operations at ZEBEDEE; and Keagan McClelland, Co-Founder of Start9, to name a few. Together, the guests wade through diverse spaces, exploring everything from disagreements about protocols, interoperability, privacy, multi-path payments, and a whole lot more.