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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Mar 15, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[00:27] Chapter 1: Introducing today’s topic and reviewing Alex Gladstein’s most recent contribution to Bitcoin Magazine, “The Invisible Cost of War in the Age of Quantitative Easing.” 

[02:45] Chapter 2: The connection between finance and war.

[05:00] Chapter 3: Sarah breaks down her new book and explores the way American’s are being mislead about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

[07:52] Chapter 4: How the US used to pay for wars and what has changed.

[15:48] Chapter 5: Why no one wants to be associated with a war tax.

[24:12] Chapter 6: When did American’s start changing their sentiments toward war taxes and contributions?

[27:40] Chapter 7: The importance of how war terminology has changed.

[36:00] Chapter 8: How the US threatens other countries to buy its debt.

[40:30] Chapter 9: How this all ties in to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

[46:40] Chapter 10: Where do we go from here? How do we reconnect the public with these wars?

[50:34] Chapter 11: What role does the monetary standard play in all of this?

[59:00] Chapter 12: What’s funding forever wars?

[1:04:48] Chapter 13: What is The Bitcoin Peace Theory?

[1:12:40] Chapter 14: Exploring the perceived volatility of Bitcoin.

[1:18:45] Chapter 15: What does a war over Bitcoin look like?

[1:25:50] Chapter 16: Why we shouldn’t underestimate the power of central governments.

[1:30:00] Chapter 17: Closing remarks on the relationship between Russia, Bitcoin and the US.