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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Jan 26, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[00:07] Chapter 1: Reminder to grab your tickets for Bitcoin 2022! Use code ‘Satoshi’ to save and pay in bitcoin to save even more. Learn more at

[01:50] Chapter 2: Harry Halpin joins the Space and introduces today’s topic.

[03:00] Chapter 3: Outlining issues with IP addresses and Bitcoin privacy. Explaining mixnets. 

[08:30] Chapter 4: The history of mixnets and how HashCash and Mixmaster got started.

[13:00] Chapter 5: PipeNet and the Anonymity Trilemma.

[16:32] Chapter 6: Discussing Adam’s paper, Traffic Analysis Attacks and Trade-offs and Anonymity Providing Systems, and concerns with cryptocurrency privacy.

[19:25] Chapter 7: Why latency attacks are so difficult to protect against and discussing threat models. 

[24:45] Chapter 8: How Nym differs from Tor.

[31:10] Chapter 9: Are these attacks realistic to de-anonymize Bitcoin users?

[33:10] Chapter 10: Cypherpunk history that’s been forgotten. Discussing what the Freedom Network was and if it differed from Tor. 

[44:05] Chapter 11: When did the first use case for mixnets emerge?

[47:20] Chapter 12: How Chaumian e-cash predicted mixnets. The connection between Bitcoin, Mixmaster, PipeNet and Tor.

[55:32] Chapter 13: Is there a more general use for this technology? Ex: proving citizenship, vaccine status, etc.

[1:06:18] Chapter 12: Adam responds to the credential potential and what impact this has for privacy.

[1:08:47] Chapter 11: Q&A: Is Nym looking to have it’s own token? And, why did they accept funding from Andreessen Horowitz?

[1:17:40] Chapter 12: Exploring other solutions needed for privacy and alternative ways to prove identity.

[1:22:48] Chapter 13: What if you want your identity shared publicly?

[1:35:24] Chapter 14: The identity debate: What is needed, what are the options, where does Bitcoin fit in and where do identity technologies draw the line?

[1:48:25] Chapter 15: Everyone’s closing remarks. PKI is a hard problem to solve. Where do we go from here?