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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Feb 5, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[00:40] Chapter 1: Bitcoin 2022! Where to get tickets, how to get a discount and more.

[03:52] Chapter 2: Why the Perth Heat team has moved over to a Bitcoin standard.

[07:45] Chapter 3: Discussing why a Bitcoin standard, over using the fiat system, made sense for the team and could help other small businesses.

[14:27] Chapter 4: What did the conversations look like internally as the Perth Heat discussed moving to a Bitcoin standard?

[21:30] Chapter 5: How does having a Bitcoin standard improve the athlete’s training?

[25:30] Chapter 6: The different ways using Bitcoin gives sports teams a competitive edge on the field. Plus, how this applies to all types of businesses.

[33:08] Chapter 7: What are the common questions the Perth Heat gets from other teams looking to make the same move? What are the common objections and how did they resolve those objections themselves in the early stages of this transition?

[42:12] Chapter 8: Q&A. How is taxation handled?

[49:25] Chapter 9: Q&A. How does Bitcoin compete with the convenience of credit cards?

[1:02:30] Chapter 10: Closing remarks. The future of Bitcoin in small businesses, sports teams and more!