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Bitcoin Spaces Live

May 2, 2022

[00:06] Chapter 1: What is a BIP and how does the request process work?

[01:50] Chapter 2: How do numbers get assigned to BIPs?

[02:50] Chapter 3: What is BIP 119?

[06:40] Chapter 4: What are covenants?

[09:50] Chapter 5: How does this differ from Child-Pays-For-Parent or Replaced-By-Fee?

[13:50] Chapter 6: Why would users pay for this feature?

[19:00] Chapter 7: Conversation around guaranteed transactions and fee market dynamics.

[22:20] Chapter 8: Is the supply and demand curve smoothing a good thing for the open fee market of Bitcoin?

[25:45] Chapter 9: Are covenants restrictive by design?

[28:35] Chapter 10: Recursive vs non recursive covenants. 

[33:40] Chapter 11: As it is now, could Bitcoin service the world?

[40:00] Chapter 12: Evaluating OP_CTV for groupthink issues. 

[46:30] Chapter 13: How is product consensus found?

[50:30] Chapter 14: Do covenants encumber other people’s addresses?

[55:18] Chapter 15: Addressing concerns about the Government, the code and Jeremy’s work. 

[1:05:28] Chapter 16: Q&A from the audience. 

[1:10:27] Chapter 17: Has the BIP 119 speedy trial set a dangerous precedent?

[1:17:15] Chapter 18: What plebs want from Bitcoin. 

[1:21:40] Chapter 19: Closing remarks. Why it’s hard to follow everything happening with Bitcoin development.

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