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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Jan 27, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[00:30] Chapter 1: Introducing today’s topic: The bias we saw toward proof of work in today’s Congress hearing. 

[04:00] Chapter 2: Today’s guests join the Space! A quick overview of his new article and guest introductions. 

[09:50] Chapter 3: A high level overview of today’s hearing and what was missing. Was it a debate worth listening to?

[14:30] Chapter 4: What was talked about well and what was left out.

[21:30] Chapter 5: Did the hearing leave space for the positives about Bitcoin?

[24:33] Chapter 6: Discussing Bitcoin’s value and how harmful the existing fiat system is. 

[30:30] Chapter 7: Does proof of stake really accomplish the things that proof of work does at a fraction of the energy cost?

[37:35] Chapter 8: Why do these same energy arguments keep coming up and why are people gravitating toward the same soundbites?

[47:00] Chapter 9: Statistics on the actual energy use of Bitcoin mining; is it what people think? Can energy be wasted?

[52:40] Chapter 10: Discussing the cornerstone FUDs that Bitcoiners hear. 

[1:05:52] Chapter 11: Thoughts on how Bitcoiners can better communicate why more energy use is essential for progress.

[1:10:30] Chapter 12: Looking at the ESG narrative and what Bitcoiners can learn from it. 

[1:23:17] Chapter 13: Who really needs to prove their utility: Bitcoin or fiat?

[1:30:00] Chapter 14: Closing remarks. The role Bitcoin mining can play in allocating capital and how Bitcoiners can keep painting the bright orange future.

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