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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Nov 19, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Spaces Live, host Christian Keroles (@ck_snarks) is joined by Mike Hobart (@theemikehobart) for a discussion on how Bitcoin can fix many of the problems plaguing America's society today. They dive into topics such as our fiat food and fiat healthcare, why fiat currency is inherently un-American, and how having a money that doesn't lose value over time can reinstill American values in our society.

0:00 An introduction to Mike and his article, “Bitcoin Revives the American Dream.”

4:45 Unpacking the issues caused by fiat currencies and the solutions Bitcoin presents.

7:24 How Bitcoin could solve issues for the food industry and healthcare system.

12:30 Why fiat currency models are inherently un-American.

16:08 Breaking down Mike’s motivation behind his articles for Bitcoin Magazine.

19:50 The ultimate value of Bitcoin.

23:32 How Mike sees Bitcoin solving key issues America faces.

25:21 The connection between saving money and mental health.

27:22 The ethics around monies that don’t lose value over long periods of time.

32:41 How Bitcoin changes the way we see the world.

33:02 Exploring the detractors of technological advancement.

46:17 How debt fuels the fiat system.

53:09 Closing remarks on the true importance of Bitcoin.


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