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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Dec 7, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Spaces Live, host Christian Keroles (@ck_snarks) is joined by The Bitcoin Rabbi (@thebitcoinrabbi), Jeremy Rubin (@jeremyrubin), Buck (@buckperley), Meni Rosenfeld (@MeniRosenfeld), Brekkie (@BVBTC) and Leigh Cuen  (@La_Cuen) celebrate Hanukkah and engage in a discussion on how some of the core values of Bitcoin overlap with that of Jusdaism.

0:00 CK talks about the new print edition of Bitcoin Magazine.

2:40 Introducing today’s show! How Bitcoiners around the world are celebrating Hanukkah and a high-level overview of Jeremy and The Bitcoin Rabbi's experiment.

3:50 The Bitcoin Rabbi leads prayer and Jeremy lights the blockchain menorah.

11:40 The guests and audience members share how they’re celebrating.

14:15 How The Bitcoin Rabbi and Jeremy incorporate Bitcoin into their family traditions.

16:47 How Jewish educators are keeping the story of Hanukkah fresh for new generations.

21:28 Exploring the overlaps between the core values, philosophy and ethos of Bitcoin and Judaism.

45:00 Why there isn't just one way to be a Bitcoiner and why that matters.

48:05 Do we improve the world by doing good acts? What is Bitcoin evangelism?

54:23 One of the great victories of Hanukkah, where the food we eat originates from and closing remarks.

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