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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Nov 8, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Spaces Live hosted by Bitcoin Magazine, host Christian Keroles (@ck_snarks) is joined by Tomer Strolight (@TomerStrolight), Brekkie (@BVBTC), Matt Hornick (@matt_hornick), Louis Liu (@louishliu), and Cory Klippsten (@coryklippsten) to discuss the short film "Bitcoin is Generational Wealth". They explain the idea for the film and how it was conceived, the process for creating it and all the work that went into it, the hopeful message that they were aiming to portray, and much more.

0:00 How Matt and Tomer met and the idea behind Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth.

8:13 Matt and Tomer’s creative process: scriptwriting, footage sourcing, and animations.

13:48 Why the film was released the day after Bitcoin’s supposed white paper day.

16:25 The effects of WW2 and why the film begins at this point in history.

19:35 How Louis Liu’s family was disrupted and why Bitcoin presents a solution.

25:31 The 2008 portion of the film that deals with the recession and Satoshi’s genius.

29:52 How the crisis has been exacerbated since 2008; how the film explores the present.

31:00 The optimistic future that Bitcoin offers and how the film portrays this.

35:50 How the concept of Bitcoin as generational wealth ties into the last part of the film.

37:35 Cory’s vision for Bitcoin and how the film aligns with it.

41:46 Perspectives on life in the citadels of a future forged by Bitcoin.

52:32 The flaws in our food system which are incentivized by the financial system.

59:28 The positive repercussions of Bitcoin as a store of value.

1:03:37 Issues in the education system and other systems thanks to fiat and state power.

1:12:15 How Bitcoin teaches financial literacy and what the effects of this are.

1:15:06 The entrepreneurial argument for collecting Bitcoin.

1:17:12 What is possible regarding self-development due to Bitcoin’s ability to protect wealth.

1:19:17 Closing words about the film, the citadel concept, a Bitcoin-forged future, and more.


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