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Bitcoin Spaces Live

May 26, 2022

Bitcoin in Ukraine

[00:06] Chapter 1: Introducing Gleb and today’s topic. 

[03:30] Chapter 2: Alex’s research on the uses of Bitcoin during times of war. 

[10:08] Chapter 3: A brief history of Ukraine’s currency and Bitcoin adoption. 

[13:00] Chapter 4: Discussing the tech scene in Ukraine. 

[18:18] Chapter 5: Life in Ukraine after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

[25:07] Chapter 6: A recap on the episode so far. 

[29:00] Chapter 7: The realities of current life in Ukraine. 

[34:15] Chapter 8: Gleb’s thoughts on where this war will go and NATO’s involvement. 

[38:15] Chapter 9: How has Bitcoin helped with humanitarian aid?

[43:50] Chapter 10: Bitcoin in times of crisis. 

[47:15] Chapter 11: Is Gleb still working as a Bitcoin developer? What is his new proposal?

[53:30] Chapter 12: Gleb’s reaction to BIP 119. 

[59:30] Chapter 13: Finding the middle ground between military support and humanitarian aid. 

[1:05:30] Chapter 14: Closing remarks. Parallel systems, politics, and how to support today’s speakers.


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