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Bitcoin Spaces Live

May 13, 2022

Bitcoin and Politics Episode 66 w/ Marcel Dixon

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode:

[00:40] Chapter 1: Where does Bitcoin fit into Black America?[03:00] Chapter 2: Why does Marcel prefer Bitcoin over fiat investments?

[05:15] Chapter 3: Marcel’s personal history with Bitcoin and his thoughts on Bitcoinpolicy.

[12:00] Chapter 4: How Marcel intends to expand the Bitcoin market for BlackAmericans.

[18:10] Chapter 5: How do Marcel’s constituents feel about Bitcoin?

[21:00] Chapter 6: How Marcel eases people’s fears about Bitcoin.

[24:35] Chapter 7: Why he uses OpenNode instead of a different platform.

[27:00] Chapter 8: Q&A: How to buy Bitcoin, why Bitcoin has value, and what themarket opportunity for mining is like in South Carolina.

[35:00] Chapter 9: Renewable energy, clean energy and Bitcoin.

[40:55] Chapter 10: Jarib joins the call and talks about his mission for Bitcoin inFlorida.

[47:40] Chapter 11: How to learn more about Marcel.