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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Jan 3, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode:

[00:14] Chapter 1: Bitcoin 2022!

[02:36] Chapter 2: Introducing Strike’s new initiative. Exploring the 3 bounties for UX developers set up to help activists leverage Bitcoin.

[08:23] Chapter 3: Jack discusses his mental models, BOLT 12, and how Bitcoin can drastically improve financial inclusion.

[11:44] Chapter 4: Why there is a bounty for a donation use case with Bitcoin.

[13:42] Chapter 5: BOLT 12 and Lightning privacy concerns.

[25:50] Chapter 6: The importance of interoperability and being conscious of the consequences that come from software creation.

[30:16] Chapter 7: Cyber hornets! Protecting the Bitcoin monetary policy. Is Lightning at risk?

[34:32] Chapter 8: Using Chaumian Mints with wallets to improve privacy for activists.

[40:30] Chapter 9: Use cases: Why we need a simple way to make foreign donations anonymously.

[43:50] Chapter 10: Should anonymity be the goal with the Lightning standard?

[51:44] Chapter 11: Why it’s important for activists to be able to exchange Bitcoin for fiat currencies.

[1:03:22] Chapter 12: How big could Bitcoin become?

[1:08:50] Chapter 13: The audience chimes in. Thoughts on discreet log contracts and anticipating regulatory nightmares.

[1:17:40] Chapter 14: Can we make it easy for people to go from BTC to USD?

[1:21:30] Chapter 15: Closing remarks and what the future holds.