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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Dec 23, 2021

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

[01:38] Chapter 1: What is leapfrogging? Connecting the dots between the democratization of technology and leapfrogging.

[10:22] Chapter 2: What are the barriers of entry to Bitcoin?

[14:08] Chapter 3: How the Bitcoin revolution is standing on the shoulders of giants (and what that means).

[18:21] Chapter 4: What is the true cost of storing wealth?

[23:30] Chapter 5: 3 scenarios that make a company more likely to adopt a Bitcoin standard.

[30:35] Chapter 6: How does Mitch see companies who issue currency reaction to the adoption of Bitcoin?

[33:06] Chapter 7: Is leapfrogging happening with electric grids?

[41:56] Chapter 8: Top drivers for Bitcoin leapfrogging.

[50:00] Chapter 9: Exploring the connection between property rights and financial independence.

[55:36] Chapter 10: Your money’s being funnelled away from you. What should you do?

[59:22] Chapter 11: What was Mitch's inspiration for his article?

[1:03:16] Chapter 12: Closing comments and Mitch's advice for people who haven't bought any BTC yet.