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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Nov 16, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Spaces Live, hosts Christian Keroles (@ck_snarks) and P (@phjlljp) are joined by Daniel B (@csuwildcat), Shinobi (@brian_trollz), and Level39 (@level39) to discuss the future of decentralized identity, something that Daniel is heavily involved in. They explore the different decentralized identity projects happening at Microsoft and Square, ION (a layer 2 built on top of Bitcoin), why decentralized identity is just as important as decentralized money, the future of lightning and DID, and much more.

0:00 An introduction to Decentralized Identity and Daniel's work.

4:57 Why the concept of decentralization is vital for a better approach to identity.

9:16 The Decentralized Identity projects at Microsoft and Square.

13:34 A breakdown of Ion nodes and how it interacts with the main chain.

21:17 The humanitarian dimension to the discussion around Decentralized Identity.

25:46 Some of the reasons that Microsoft has invested in this project.

28:56 The number of businesses that are currently using ION.

30:10 Combining the power of decentralized money and identity.

34:59 The co-opting of the internet and the possibility of this happening to the blockchain.

39:13 Unpacking the idea of identity hubs and the smart ways they could be used.

44:14 How sovereign data around identity will play out practically in different scenarios.

49:31 Comparing DID to the use of the Lightning Network for money.

51:36 The dangers of baking monetary incentives into all interactions.

52:44 How Lightning and DID might be able to integrate!

54:54 The incentives that DID offers developers for better UX.

58:19 Potential for people to run their own hardware in relation to DID.

1:00:45 The growth of organic communities due to the utility of decentralization.

1:02:33 Final words on the importance of digital identity for a sovereign future.


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