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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Dec 9, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Spaces Live, host Christian Keroles (@ck_snarks) is joined by Mark Goodwin (@markgoodw_in), Sovereign Stoic (@ausenhaus), Adam O (@denverbitcoin) and others to discuss the energy revolution that is being propagated by the emergence of Bitcoin as the world's dominant monetary network.

0:00 Diving right in! Mark Goodwin introduces the “duck curve” and how Bitcoin can help establish a free market for the energy sector.

5:39 Does energy use always = bad? Exploring the nuances of “proof of work” vs “proof of stake.”

13:33 Our energy infrastructures are under attack.

18:40 Is a free market for energy possible?

26:46 Why aren’t we further ahead with energy technology? How does Bitcoin help?

31:40 How Bitcoin allows individuals to monetize energy use.

38:53 Is Bitcoin mining really a waste of energy?

45:17 Current energy realities.

56:20 Revisiting the concept of the “duck curve” and personal energy use.

1:11:15 Solutions for cycling energy on and off.

1:13:36 How to talk Bitcoin and energy use with the energy concerned. Plus, how fiat is destroying the planet.

1:25:00 Using Bitcoin to get a properly priced kilowatt.

1:26:00 Is this really the first opportunity energy companies have had to play with the demand side of the grid?

1:31:00 Closing remarks about the modernization of the energy grid, waste and where Bitcoin could take us.


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