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Bitcoin Spaces Live

May 4, 2022

Bitcoin Adoption in Central African Republic

[01:00] Chapter 1: Fode talks about stories he heard about Central African Republic as a kid and the ties to France. 

[05:00] Chapter 2: Why Fode has mixed feelings about the bill.

[06:40] Chapter 3: An overview of the bill and what it would mean for Central African Republic.

[07:30] Chapter 4: Clément joins the call and shares his background working as a journalist in Bangui. 

[9:30] Chapter 5: What reaction is Bernard seeing in Nigeria?

[12:30] Chapter 6: The bill’s implementation process. 

[14:20] Chapter 7: Alex’s reaction to seeing this bill after writing about this idea for the past year.

[17:00] Chapter 8: What does cryptocurrency adoption currently look like across Africa?

[25:00] Chapter 9: Clément talks about what the last couple of weeks have been like. 

[28:30] Chapter 10: Which articles of the bill seem surprising to the speakers?

[33:40] Chapter 11: Issues with the President’s Twitter account. Is the account real?

[36:30] Chapter 12: Discussing the strategic interest foreign powers have in CAR.

[39:30] Chapter 13: What does the humanitarian crisis currently look like?

[41:40] Chapter 14: What is the fiat currency situation like in the country?

[44:45] Chapter 15: Concerns over aid being cut off as a result of this bill. 

[46:00] Chapter 16: What has the reception from financial institutions been like?

[48:00] Chapter 17: Closing remarks. The positives and negatives of this bill.