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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Jan 20, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode:

  • [00:10] Chapter 1: Get ready - Bitcoin 2022 is coming up! Here’s a quick overview of the event and tickets.
  • [06:35] Chapter 2: What will Bitcoin 2022 have in terms of mining content?
  • [09:20] Chapter 3: What does capacity look like for the conference? How are things being scaled up from 2021?
  • [10:53] Chapter 4: What would previous attendees say to Bitcoiners who are hesitant about going?
  • [12:35] Chapter 5: Will there be satellite events going on before and after the conference?
  • [16:51] Chapter 6: What kind of parties will the week have?
  • [17:20] Chapter 7: Hinting at some conference surprises. And, how will lines be managed this year?
  • [24:09] Chapter 8: Are there any updates on the Bitcoin City operation?
  • [27:00] Chapter 9: Can people resell their tickets if needed?
  • [30:00] Chapter 10: Aleks talks about his experience at past conferences and the value of meeting your fellow Bitcoiners in-person.
  • [36:40] Chapter 11: Why this is a no restrictions event.
  • [40:25] Chapter 12: Mark’s experience attending last year and finding work through the conference.
  • [45:00] Chapter 13: A sneak peek into the conference’s mingling and networking opportunities.
  • [55:35] Chapter 14: Where to get a hotel for the conference.
  • [1:06:30] Chapter 15: How the conference will balance indoor and outdoor space to keep people out of the heat.
  • [1:09:50] Chapter 16: What will be some key take-aways attendees will get from the conference?

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