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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Dec 22, 2021

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode: 

01:15 Chapter 1: What is Cathedra’s mission? How did Drew and AJ get involved in the project?

03:22 Chapter 2: Moving humanity forward through BTC energy use. How Cathedra plays into the greater mining ecosystem.

11:05 Chapter 3: Why are Bitcoiners the only group looking to the future with a narrative of abundance?

18:30 Chapter 4: The Malthusian vs Promethean debate: Where does Bitcoin mining fit in?

24:35 Chapter 5: What is an energy sink? What does it do?

28:47 Chapter 6: What kind of mining will Cathedra be doing?

32:12 Chapter 7: What makes Cathedra unique from other mining companies?

36:55 Chapter 8: How Cathedra's perspective on energy use changes the landscape.

43:24 Chapter 9: The great energy debate: Is using more energy a benefit or loss for the advancement of humanity?

53:00 Chapter 10: Final remarks on Cathedra’s goal to bring sound money and cheap, abundant energy to the world at scale.