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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Jan 4, 2022

Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode:


[02:19] Chapter 1: Bitcoin 2022!

[03:27] Chapter 2: Aarika’s run for Congress and interest in protecting Bitcoin.

[05:07] Chapter 3: The panel members introduce themselves. Plus, the first pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang, speaks.

[14:00] Chapter 4: The race against time for an anti-poverty implementation of Bitcoin.

[15:40] Chapter 5: If the American dream has been lost, what role does Bitcoin play in restoring it?

[29:05] Chapter 6: What can be done to rebuild the socioeconomic ladder in the US?

[37:58] Chapter 7: The two key factors that help someone climb the socioeconomic ladder.

[40:36] Chapter 8: Universal Basic Income and Bitcoin: How do we make sure citizens are being protected and able to prosper far into the future?

[54:10] Chapter 9: How can Bitcoin become a bipartisan movement in the US?

[1:00:00] Chapter 10: Does Bitcoin support progressive values?

[1:05:40] Chapter 11: Senator Lummis joins the conversation. Discussing her new bill, The Financial Innovation caucus, and solutions for improving the divisive nature of the country.

[1:11:54] Chapter 12: Bitcoin is as American as apple pie.

[1:17:58] Chapter 13: What makes us feel invested in a job?

[1:19:50] Chapter 14: Q&A. How hand in hand is UBI and Bitcoin education? Will Andrew be running for President again? Foster care reform, and more.

[1:50:00] Chapter 15: Closing remarks. How Bitcoin adoption supports anti-corruption and brings wealth to the unbanked.