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Bitcoin Spaces Live

Nov 9, 2021

In this episode of Bitcoin Spaces Live hosted by Bitcoin Magazine, hosts Christian Keroles (@ck_snarks) and P (@phjlljp) are joined by Cool Valley Mayor Jayson Stewart (@coolvalleymayor) to discuss his mission of giving every resident of Cool Valley $1,000 in Bitcoin. Jayson reveals his career path that led him to being mayor of Cool Valley, how he got into Bitcoin and why it's so important to him, and the process for giving an entire town some Bitcoin.

Other speakers include Cory Klippsten (@coryklippsten), Lamar Wilson (@bigmarh), and Bill Whittaker (@Billwhittaker11).

0:00 An introduction to Jayson's Bitcoin project in Cool Valley!

6:45 Looking back at Jayson's career path thus far up to his current position as mayor.

8:52 Jayson's experiences bringing new ideas and technology to older generations.

15:17 The ethical imperative to spread knowledge about Bitcoin.

17:21 The possibility of a coalition of mayors working in the same way as Jayson.

20:13 What sets Bitcoin apart from other cryptocurrencies.

32:21 The important conversations about evolution that Jayson has been a part of.

35:58 Overcoming hurdles in the educational process through collaboration.

38:02 How platforms such as Clubhouse have contributed to the movement.

43:09 Escaping the linear and centralized systems through education.

44:45 Bitcoin production in small economies and the possibility of self-sovereignty.

50:53 The environmental questions around Bitcoin and incentivizing renewable energy.

53:10 Thoughts on the possibility of introducing mining programs at public schools.

55:27 How Jayson balances his duties as mayor with his work in Bitcoin advocacy.

58:34 Some recommendations from Jayson for helpful resources to spread the word!

1:01:32 How Bitcoin can impact poverty rates over the next few years.

1:04:11 Looking at the issue of brain drain in relation to Cool Valley.

1:08:48 Closing remarks from Jayson and a reiteration of his goals as mayor!


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